no parent should have to face financial burden on top of worrying about an ill child.


Having a sick child is emotionally & financially overwhelming. Our intent is to provide financial assistance for food, accommodations, travel, and other incidentals that are incurred on medical trips so that families can focus on their children and not stress over financial obligations.

Thank you to the entire Soo Greyhounds organization for the Hockey Fights Cancer night in February!

It was amazing to see everyone come together for a wonderful cause.



Why we’re here

The idea for The Foundation arose in 2014 when two Foundation Board members spent 4 months in Toronto, at SickKids, where their critically ill child was receiving care. Being parents of a sick child themselves, they recognized how receiving specialized medical care for a child could create a major financial strain on a family. We believe in the Foundation’s mission and are committed to helping as many families as possible who are in the same difficult situation.

Since 2015, SickKids has logged close to 800 unique patient visits from children in Sault Ste. Marie. Each one of these visits would have incurred extraneous costs, including, but not limited to taking time off of work, spending overnights in hotels, eating at restaurants, and possibly spending months away from home removed from family and friends.

Our mission is to help relieve some of the financial hardship for affected families.

Our hope is to reduce the physical and emotional stress caused by the lingering uncertainty of a child’s illness.

Who we are
The Twinkie Foundation is comprised of a board of 8 members of the community of Sault Ste. Marie. Our board members volunteer their time and expertise, helping to raise funds to support the Foundation’s cause. All participation is voluntary and the members of the board do not receive any compensation from the foundation.
How we work
We depend solely on fundraising and donations to support the Foundation’s mission. All funds raised are allocated to families who are in need of financial support for travel for expert medical assistance. Families requiring financial assistance can apply online using our application. An emphasis will be placed on supporting lower-income families who have to spend extended periods of time in hospital; however, all applications received by the Foundation will be reviewed on an individual basis. Applications will be reviewed by the Foundation board members and the qualifying applicants will be contacted by a Foundation representative.
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